Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cao - Hello

Its easier to read Vietnamese than it is to speak it. The Vietnamese language after all has six tones and i am practically tone deaf. To be honest, beyond the seemingly familiar alphabets are weird diacritic marks that makes things more complex. Also a 'd'is not always a 'd' and nowhere is a 'g' near 'gel' although it might touch 'gold'!

The Vietnamese are always eager to share their language and teach you a word or two even though the pronunciations and terms can differ between North and South and somewhere in the middle.

Yet, language is the doorway into the heart of its people. So, its grit your teeth, mumble your way through it, and smile. For what better way is there to understand the people than to speak their language or at least try to. Fortunately (unfortunately), being a fellow Asian, we seem to get away with it (or at least get slightly better prices)!

Online Vietnamese Dictionary


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