Sunday, October 02, 2005

Buying & Selling

Vietnamese handicrafts make for delicate yet attractively priced souvenirs although the cheaper end of the spectrum can get rather tacky. This includes

WOODWORK - wood is carved to make signs from Disney characters to the Simpsons. Or else they are crafted for something more functional such as stools, cutlery or jewelry boxes. Skills in sculpting result in more intricately shaped results such as an animal carved from a single piece of wood. Check out the sculptures of Thu Nguyen Lacquerware is very much part of the woodwork.

BASKET WEAVES - rattan leaves dried in the sun are woven by hand to create fine basketry. The tribal groups make unique designs (Check VVG for samples and purchases)

EMBROIDERED LINEN - White linen for the table are often finely embroidered with the flora and fauna of Vietnam. Ranging from table cloths to fine silk jackets embroidered ala Imperial China brocade, the Vietnamese literally paint with needlework. Find out more about Ngoc Anh Embroidery,

CERAMICS - Although fine celadon tableware is often associated with Thailand, Vietnam has its own industry of celdon products. Minh Long makes some of the finest pieces in Vietnam. Today tourists buy creative cups and plates, products of centuries of craftmanship. Whether antiques or the modern versions, you can buy some online instead.

FRUITS & VEGETABLES - the simplest and most traditional way of selling items may prove to be the most successful way!

A link to Vietnamese products online.


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