Saturday, January 21, 2006

Leaving Singapore for Ho Chi Minh City

We have Lift Off
Ben had left for Ho Chi Minh City in early October. Bon finally says her farewell in January. Changi Airport is soon shrouded in rain!

Never the Same Again
Goodbye Singapore - i bet you won't look the same again when we return (reclamation works off an island - is it Tekong or Ubin, can't tell in that blurry grey) (Singapore Islands online)

Descent into Reality
A view of Ho Chi Minh City from the sky shrouded in a blanket of dust! It doesn't seem that much different from the landscape i just left a mere 2 hours ago? Bits of green seem to be evident (what a relief).

(A tourist map of Ho Chi Minh City. The city is popularly still known as Saigon although this refers technically only to the city centre and the river. This map allows you to see the different districts.) (Encarta's map with details of townships around HCMC)

The tarmac of Thanh Son Nyat Airport. Military hangers still dot the airbase - for budget airlines, there's still the bus to take you from your craft to the main airport. A new wing is being developed for the airport due to open soon. (Check out the Saigon Airport services online or these passengers' uncensored opinions about the airport)

*These pix were taken from a budget airline on a return trip to Spore. Artistic license was taken in piecing the journey. The actual journey down was too messy to shoot especially with an airport full of 4 plane loads of pple and two trolleys of dogs in cages and bags to push out...!! The story needs to be told in person!