Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Celebrating Tet Vietnamese Style

There are at least several large amusement parks in Ho Chi Min City. They include Dam Sen Park Though they charged extra for opening during Tet, the parks were overflowing with visitors. Many families came to picnic or climb into rides or just have a day out together. Some couldn't help but take posed pictures beside strange figurines.

Dogs were the creature of the day. They appeared everywhere - sculpted out of flowers or of strange tools. There were also dragons and lions, it looked like the animal residents of our own lion city.

A small bridge crossing a temporary pond (actually sited between two major road junctions) becomes so popular, a queue forms. But so do a crowd of policemen and somewhere in the shadows, the pickpockets. We saw a few chases throught he evening and the hotel (where we dropped off Kevin and Elaine) warned us about the dangers of the evening.

Flower shows sprout in nearby parks in the city centre including near Ben Thanh market and in the central Hguyen street.

Plants are shaped into creatures including this elaborate dragon (check out the red ball floating between its jaws)


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