Saturday, February 04, 2006

Finally - our home

We stay in the Binh Thanh district to the East of Ho Chi Min City, about a 20 minute busride, or a 10 minute taxi ride (estimate 10 km from the city centre). It's more popularly known as Thanh Dah. Here is the major road and our lane is marked out with a blue board. You can barely see it but somehow the taxi drivers know (as long as you tell them when to turn).

The lane leads into a middle-class area well-regarded by many Saigonese who consider this "a good place to stay." Every morning this dusty lane becomes a muddy path before it dries out in the midday sun(We wonder where the water comes from).

Huong, our helper walking down the lane. Yes, she's the tall, long-haired beauty carrying the marketing home. The neighbour's busy sprucing up his home for Tet while cyclists whizz by regularly.

Huong at our front gate, walking Blue, our Husky who has become a star attraction in our neighbourhood (ok, both the dog and our tall, lanky helper!)

The bedroom where Ben can finally rest in peace (and for all the internet world to see!)We have a total of 5 bedrooms and we're on the 5th floor (Huong's taken the 6th floor bedroom). Every bedroom has its own attached bathroom,fridge, airconditioner and TV set. We welcome you to our wonderful B&B (Ben and Bon's B&B) Some bedrooms even have a jacuzzi (and if you pay us the right price you get the room with the jacuzzi)


This is actually at the entrance to the home fronting the kitchen - otherwise known as the GARAGE. The dogs are playing just beside their new beds (actually they are the large cages they came in with). They are standing infront of our moat. Don't worry its dry. So if you fall in, you won't drown.

On the third floor is our Living Room. Here Ben catches up with work as well as what's on in StarSports/ESPN, the latest movies on 'cheap' DVDs and Kara-oke bouts. Sometimes Huong and I watch Vietnamese VCDs here too - mainly cooking shows lah.

In the basement is the kitchen fully equipped with gas cooker, microwave and refrigerator. Huong whips up fantastic meals here. The dining table has a pond on one side and a moat on the other and yes, where the bar stools are, is a bar with bottles of we-don't-know-how-old liquor. Hey, who's that long-haired dame having dinner with my husband?!

WHAT YOU DO NOT SEE... the fantastic pond where you can lounge about. Its full of large koi in a spot designed like a typical Vietnamese cavern. And hanging in the centre of it is a delightful pufferfish that looks like a bloated durian. ... that's why you've gotta come and visit us!


At 9:05 pm, Blogger Sivasothi said...

Wow what a wonderful invitation. *rubs hands*

At 9:53 pm, Blogger The Saigon Tai-tai said...

For a simple fee, you are both welcome. The fee is Singapore goodies, Singapore yummies, Singapore stuff and all! But seriously, do come visit us

At 10:45 pm, Blogger SG Yaps said...

Wahhhhh... Jacuzzi... Just wat my aching bones need...

At 8:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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