Sunday, February 05, 2006

Our neighbours & the neighbourhood

In the mornings, the family who live just across us, gets ready for business. They live quite comfortably in a simple wooden house. The mother operates a foodstall and every morning she gets her pushcart ready. At the front of the home (just behind the pushcart) is a nice big sofa. Its the family living room. They lounge there in the cool of the evening, chatting and dining.

All the neighbourhood streets are marked with white lines. These are badminton courts. Every morning a team of men and women string their nets across the streets and start a feisty game of badminton (Note the flashy backhand smash by the player on the lower left)

Sometimes when vehicles come by, the game takes a short pause, the net is gently hoisted to make way for cars. But the game is never interrupted for long.

Just behind the badminton players you can see a troupe of ladies. They perform a daily ritual of communistic tai-chi, danced to a rousing socialist melody. Sometimes they wave flags, sometimes they have small sticks but most of the times they are staring at Blue when he goes for his walk (making sure he doesn't poo infront of their homes)

The sun is barely up and already melodic chants of passing goods of garden greens and ripe sun-kissed fruits fill the streets. A shopfront in Saigon can be opened anywhere. Just park your cart under a shady tree and layout the goods. This vegetable stall set up shop just infront of our home (use our neighbour's humble home as a marker)

Even though by the afternoon, the sun beats painfully bright, the boys returning home from school can't resist a game of football. Two slippers mark the goal post and large shouts, a score!

(NB: All these pictures were taken merely a few metres from our home)


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