Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dalat - Arrival

Dalat's cool air and hill-top views finally greet us. The rolling hills and cool temperature make them ideal for coffee and tea plantations.

Its the rushing waterfalls and large lakes that make the place romantic. Dalat town had its own large lake smack in the centre.
Check out the beautiful Lake Xuan Huong! By the way, its man-made - created when the Cam Ly River was dammed in 1919 by the French. Every morning, the townsfolk take brisk walks around the perimeter - a refreshing exercise in the crisp cool air.

Check out the other side of the lakeview - a rather cluttered, less romantic perspective (Ben is standing in the same stance so you can see the contrast...:-)... and yes, that is a mini-Eiffel Tower standing there)

This was typical of Dalat - a town of contrasts, balancing beauty and clutter in the same location. In the midst of interesting gems there were other strange sights we wondered why we visited!


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