Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fine Lodgings at Dalat - Bao Dai's Summer Palace

Bao Dai's Summer Palace
Bao Dai was born Nguyen Vinh Thuy. He was literally the last emperor of Vietnam, ending the reign of the Nguyen Dynasty when he abdicated to live in France. The Summer Palace was built by the french but has a modern feeling to it. Their furniture and furnishings were left intact. A visit to his home gives you an insight to how royalty would have lived in the 1930s and it feels like some fine folks live in better homes today!!

The Queen
The King was married to Queen Nam Phuong, a southern Vietnamese of great beauty. Her fine features and delicate skin are evident in this photograph. However, the playboy King took many concubines and lived with a French woman when he moved to France in 1954.

Surrounding the Palace are manicured gardens which still have beautiful blooms of roses and various cool climate flowers

One of the more interesting rooms was the laundry room which had something like a sauna...or is that where you would dry dishes?

The Prince's room
The King had six children with his beautiful queen. The eldest son's room in the royal colours of yellow was considered luxurious for its time.

Her Majesty's room
The Queen's feminine touch is seen in her room

The Family Room
The family had a common place to sit together.


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