Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fine Lodgings at Dalat

Outside the Sofitel
The French have left some beautiful architecture that have been transformed into hotels. One of them is the Sofitel at Dalat It had been a palace built between 1912 and 1922 and still retained the charms of the bourgeoisie. Firstly, it has a grandview of the lake and secondly, surrounding it are green gardens and silent fir trees. Finally, across it are other fine buildings to match.

Inside the Sofitel
The LE RABELAIS, the hotel's main French restaurant is a must for fine dining (a four-course dinner was only about USD$18 for a fine meal indeed. If you want something more informal we enjoyed the cosiness of LARRY'S BAR and somehow their freshly baked and cheezy pizzas tasted warmer in the cool evening.

It seems that there are rooms in the Sofitel that still retain a working fireplace. This one's in the main hallway of the hotel and yes, that is a real fire
No, we did not stay at the fine Sofitel but at the vintage Novotel. Unfortunately i didn't get any photos of the hotel. It does have a nice 1930s gated lift, that if you are patient enough to wait for, will bring you riding back through time.

The Dalat Church is nicknamed the Cockrel Church. It stands beside the hotel we stayed at and is named for the cockrel that sits at the peak of its rooftop. The Catholic church is a faded shade of pink. Many of its windows which presumably had stained glass, seemed patch up and the place remained dark, although there were people praying inside.


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