Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Cable Car ride

Robin Hill

It was just 10 minutes away from the hotel before we reached Robin Hill. Here we caught a ride up the Cable Car for about USD$3 a person for a return ticket. The 2km journey takes all of 10 minutes and brings you close to vegetable patches at some points then rises high to give you a scenic view of Dalat's "forest" (seemed like planted trees) and arable land.

We do recommend that you come after 9.30am as there's a crowd that gathers at opening time and it takes you an extra half hour of queueing to get into a cable car. The crowd seems to dissolve after 10 am. We also would not recommend that five adults and two children get into a cable car, although they didn't stop us. For one, we noticed we exceeded the weight limit for the cable car, and secondly, we scrapped some fir trees on the way down.

At journey's end is the Truc Lam Pagoda. Though a modern building, it reflects classical Asian features in its design. It includes large bells, mini pagodas and a beautiful flower garden.

It proved a good photo opportunit for chaps with flowers. Silas proved quite a poser, retaining his masculine looks despite holding a tiny yellow bud!

We were reminded of other hairier family members when we spotted this golden temple dog (some sort of relation to the Golden Retriever?) at the pagoda

The view of Lake Tuyen Lam, with majestic mountains in the background, greeted us beyond the woody-smelling fir-trees.
But it was quite a long walk down from the cable car station.


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