Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cremaillere Railway Station

The Cremaillere Railway Station
The station was a quaint building off the edge of the Xuan Huong Lake. Although it is now considered a tourist attraction for its train-ride to nowhere, the ticket office seemed busy. Vietnamese travellers were also taking the train-ride to nowhere. But there were also tickets for Hanoi offering stops at towns along the way.

The old locomotive, which seems to have been made in Japan in 1938, made a suitable background for another family shot.

But it was this clunky locomotive that would drive our train to nowhere. It took several minutes to turn this locomotive around and later we found out it was just for us. We, the foreigners, had paid three-times the price of the locals and so we were privileged to have the carriage all to ourselves (we had no choice but to pay three-times the price cos the signs said so, but this came up to S$7 per person in any case)


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