Sunday, July 02, 2006

Datanla Falls

The Cable Car station was not far from our next pit stop. The Datanla Falls! The simple entrance belied a more exciting journey down to the waterfall. We didn't realise there were so many modes of transport down to the waters. The most exciting was of course the car ride down. For those faint of heart, you can choose to control the speed of your vehicle and yes, children can be strapped in with an adult although we saw some rather large sized children who looked middle-aged rather than teenaged riding along with other adults!!

You could also take the normal mode of transportation - just walk down - a short 15 minute, in the cool air through a peaceful forest of trees. But we did not meet the promised wildlife of squirrels and birds unless the nattering chicks (Vietnamese young girls) and wandering salesmen count as wildlife.

Alternatively, you could take a pretty pony down. To be honest, we saw this horse at the journey's end and i think he was more for show (and making more dollars from a photo opportunity) than for a comfortable ride.

The Water Fall
After taking an easy stroll down, we spotted our intrepid travellers who had survived the free fall with their mini-buggy. Sunning themsleves on a rock, they then had to make the journey across the car terminal past the immense waterfall to meet us.

Here you can see the great immensity of the waterfall. If you look carefully you will also catch in the shadows a row of 'Pochahontas' - girls dressed up like Red Indians. And what the picture doesn't show you is the long queue of fellas behind this waiting to get their shot taken on the bridge. The place was crowded with picnicing Vietnamese and wandering tourists.

After a short rest, it dawned on us that we had to make that LOONG and painful journey back up.

Some of us were smart, and opted for the super car ride up instead! However, they took at least 20 minutes longer to get back up because of the long queues of returning visitors who had finished their picnic at the water fall!


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