Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hotel and meals


We lodged at the nice Novotel which has a rustic lift which sometimes was caught between floors. The rooms were fully booked however, cos of an international golf match. Which accounted for why the best golf course in Asia was fully booked and why the lift was sometimes caught between floors (heavy golf bags added too much weight)

We did try out how the neighbouring 5-star Sofitel felt like. The chairs at least were comfortable.

For a moment we understood the feeling of owning a mansion in the sky!

The trusty rooster Church stood out in the new morning sun, in all its pink splendour.


But most of us were too caught up with meal events to notice the scenery nearby.

The first evening we received a flaming Vietnamese dish that almost cooked Ruth. We realised it wasn't a typical Vietnamese meal when the chef came to take the hotpot off the table and promptly placed it on the floor. The meal ended well with only the fish nicely cooked.

Some of us were a little grumpy in the morning and took a while to get our breakfast down.


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